Star Trek Association for Revival (S.T.A.R.) was formed in 1972 with the express purpose of gathering Star Trek fans and reviving Star Trek.  A Utah chapter (S.T.A.R.**UTAH) was formed shortly after that with subsidiary chapters in Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo.

Gerry Williams was the head of S.T.A.R.**UTAH and S.T.A.R.*Salt Lake until early 1975, when he moved to San Diego, California, and Michael Scott took over as the new head.

In February 1975 The Communicator became the official newszine of S.T.A.R.**UTAH.

In mid-1975, since S.T.A.R. Central had ceased communicating with chapters of S.T.A.R. and it seemed the organization was dead, the name of the club was changed to Star Trek Intermountain (STI) and the scope of the club broadened to include all the intermountain states.

From The Communicator, Vol 3 No 1, February 1975

Welcome to the first issue of THE COMMUNICATOR as the official publication of S.T.A.R.**UTAH. Throughout this year S.T.A.R. hopes to bring you the latest news of STAR TREK and other science fiction programs such as WAR OF THE WORLDS and SPACE: 1999. We plan many activities such as canyon parties, space games, picnics, and convention trips; but most of all we will be promoting the return of STAR TREK to TV.

With Gerry Williams leaving us for San Diego we are losing one of the vital forces of S.T.A.R.**UTAH. Gerry has been the prime mover of S.T.A.R.**UTAH and S.T.A.R.*Salt Lake in so many ways that to list them here would require most of THE COMMUNICATOR. But suffice it to say that without Gerry S.T.A.R.**UTAH would have floundered into oblivion.

’74 was a big year for S.T.A.R.**UTAH. We had Gene Roddenberry speak at the U of U campus, we had the beginnings of our very popular STAR TREK games. We had our Lagoon picnics and many other activities that made being a member of S.T.A.R. a dimension rather than a duty.

’75 has started off equally importantly with the lecture by Leonard Nimoy at the University. More than ever before S.T.A.R.**UTAH is at the forefront of science fiction appreciation in the west. This is the year of the EQUICON when a good number of our group will travel en masse to San Diego to attend this big west coast STAR TREK Convention. This is the year when STAR TREK will once more be born. 1975 is the year of STAR TREK.

As the new head of S.T.A.R.**UTAH and S.T.A.R.*Salt Lake I welcome you to the galaxy of imagination and adventure across the stellar frontier; to the World of STAR TREK.

–Michael (Scotty) Scott

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