When S.T.A.R.**UTAH was created, subsidiary groups in Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo were formed so that people wouldn’t have to travel so far to meetings.  S.T.A.R.*PROVO was centered on the Brigham Young University campus, with college students who were Star Trek fans taking the reins.  In 1974 Carol Andrus was Captain and Rebecca Anne Kojm (Kojm the Klingon) was First Officer.  When Becky resigned as First Officer, Julia Howarth took that position.  Stephanie Parsons was Yeoman.

Carol Andrus was also the editor of The Communicator, the newszine for S.T.A.R.*PROVO, with Julia Howarth as assistant editor.

When Carol and Julia moved to Salt Lake City, the new officers of S.T.A.R.*PROVO were:  Diane Howarth, Captain; Elaine Backus, First Officer; and Stephanie Parsons, Yeoman.  Since none of the new personnel wished to produce the newsletter, it stayed with Carol and Julia.


From The Communicator, Vol 2 No 2, June 1974

To Carol Andrus (Captain S.T.A.R.*Provo)

Dear Carol and S.T.A.R.*PROVO:

Whereas I have been irresponsible in my duties, whereas I have less and less time to devote to my duties, whereas I’m a poor officer in the Federation, whereas I have much guilt and shame in my heart because of the above, I hereby formally resign and abdicate my position as First Officer of S.T.A.R.*PROVO.

Nevertheless, I will give my support and love to S.T.A.R.*PROVO, and to the Federation when needed and able.

I am sorry for my irresponsibility, and hope you will forgive me.

Sincerely and with love,

Kojm the Klingon
alias Rebecca Anne Kojm

Signed and sealed this 25th day of May, nineteen-hundred and seventy-four

(COMMENT: Becky, of course, remains in good standing with S.T.A.R.*PROVO. cja)

STARDATE 7405.11

Minutes by Carol Andrus. Attending meeting: Carol Andrus, Alan Lloyd, Stephanie Parsons

Began 2:07
Discussed setting up for Deseret Towers movie that evening.
Where is everybody?
Moved outside.
School holidays.
We give up!
Meeting adjourned somewhere around 2:30.

STARDATE 7405.25

Minutes by Julia Howarth. Present: Julia Howarth, Diane Howarth, Nina Beardall, Debbie Jacobson, Carol Andrus, Marci Townsley.

Started (after a fashion) at 1:30 p.m. Carol was painting signs, so the rest of us just sat and blabbed about how to join S.T.A.R.*PROVO and the Ring, and various other interesting topics.
Carol came in at 2:00.
Stephanie and Alan are at play practice and couldn’t come.

Becky should be here but isn’t.
Discussed Gene Roddenberry and his trip to SLC last Tuesday.
June 1 is S.T.A.R. Day at Lagoon.
Getting a Klingon ship for Jeff Howarth.
Display case bulletin board–put Enterprise model in it.
Julia and Carol and their exploits of last Saturday.
The Great Pizza Escapade.
The letter Julia got from Andre Norton. Exclusive Andre Norton edition of our ‘zine EYES OF A CHILD.
Censorship of minutes
Diane’s artwork and how she doesn’t like the hobbits she drew.
About 2:30 Nina and Debbie left.
Diane’s graduation dress.
Scripts of ST shows.
Somebody (who??) didn’t like “Amok Time”–thinks it unrealistic.
How to get Lincoln Enterprises catalogs.
At 12 to 3 we decided to put the furniture back and bug Bill, then go to work on THE COMMUNICATOR.

From The Communicator, Vol 2 No 3, July 1974


The Briefing Room is out for the summer–due to the fact that most of the personnel has gone for the summer and those left–Carol, Julia, and Alan–get together all the time anyway, and so our meetings are informal and we don’t take minutes.

From The Communicator, Vol 2 No 4, November 1974

The Communicator is now an official Poogle Publication. With our departure from S.T.A.R.*Provo, the group was left without any journalistically inclined individuals in their ranks. Julia [Howarth] and I [Carol Andrus], being fanatic writer/editor types, couldn’t let The Communicator just fizzle away (sputter) and so we have severed its operation from the workings of S.T.A.R.*Provo and are heading out on a more personal tangent.

The new officers of S.T.A.R.*Provo are:
Captain: Diane Howarth
First Officer: Elaine Backus
Stephanie Parsons is still Yeoman.

Provo Activities

S.T.A.R.*PROVO is having a bad time lately. Ever since Carol and Julia, the old officers, moved to Salt Lake, nothing has happened. However, there is a large group which meets every week day at 4:00 pm in the ELWC and watches STAR TREK in the tv room.

–Diane Howarth

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