Utah Society of Science Fiction (USSF)

The Utah Society of Science Fiction (USSF) was formed in 1974 by Reuben Fox and Michael Goodwin, members of Hansen Planetarium’s staff.


USSF’s newsletter, Clavius was an 8-1/2″ x 11″ magazine that included news and articles about various aspects of science fiction.


From The Communicator, Vol 2 No 3, July 1974

Of special interest to Utah s-f fans is the news that a new s-f society is being formed by two of the members of the planetarium staff. This group will be in conjunction with a group with the Salt Lake library system.

The library group will primarily direct attention to discussion and analysis of already existing s-f books and films. The planetarium will focus attention on creative aspects, with writing and film-making workshops, etc.

The first meeting will be held Tuesday, July 16 [1974] at Hansen Planetarium, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. For more information contact Reuben Fox or Michael Goodwin.

From The Communicator, Vol 2 No 4, November 1974

Utah has a new science fiction club allied with S.T.A.R.**Utah called USSF (Utah Society for Science Fiction). The Society is composed of all kinds of SF fans with different interests. To cater to all interests, the USSF is split up into Cinematography, Gadgets, Writing, Art, and Theater workshops. There is also a science fiction discussion group. All these groups are working together to do such things as a movie with cinematographers doing the filming, writers doing the script, gadget makers doing the props, and artists doing the sets. We’re also going to produce radio plays over local stations. For more information on the USSF contact Doug Hoff.

*Clavius* is the official newsletter of USSF. Its second issue is on the press even as this is being written. It contains a lot of good news of the science fiction world, and promises to get better.

From The Communicator, Vol 3 No 1, February 1975


The Utah Society of Science Fiction is dedicated to probe, in depth and with seriousness, the genre of science fiction, as well as to examine and pursue the opportunities for creativity offered by science fiction.

The purpose and goal of the Utah Society of Science Fiction is to participate actively in the various media of science fiction through workshops, lectures, and discussion groups.

Membership fees of $5 includes one-year subscription to Clavius, the official newsletter of the USSF.

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