Other Activity

Star Trek in the park - people with ships on grass (slide dated Dec 1975 Num 13) (smaller)

Star Trek in Liberty Park, 1975.

All activity by science fiction fans in Utah back in the 1970s and 1980s didn’t take place at local conventions or during fan club meetings.  Sometimes we traveled in large groups to conventions out of state, such as Equicon.  At first, this was because we were considering running our own convention, and wanted to see how such a thing was done!  After that, it was because we discovered going to conventions was fun.

There were also talks by science fiction authors, astronomers, and others of interest to fans.  Before the internet, before Youtube, we couldn’t just Google someone and read their blog or watch a video of one of their speeches.  A visit by a real science fiction author was a big event!

Also, there were parties and activities, often run by the fan clubs.  Some of these were role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons.  Some were live Star Trek starship battles in Liberty Park.  These pages celebrate these activities with photographs and memories.  It’s also a place where information or pictures that don’t fit anywhere else can go.

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