Leonard Nimoy at the University of Utah, 1975

On January 15, 1975, Leonard Nimoy spoke at the University of Utah.  Of course members of S.T.A.R.**Utah attended the speech!

From The Communicator, Volume 3 Number 1, February 1975

Leonard Nimoy spoke at the University of Utah, January 15, 1975.  He entitled his talk “Odyssey to the Borders of the Mind,” which, he said, meant he could talk about anything he wanted to.

He said, “We live in a science fiction age.  Many of the things that science fiction writers wrote about and talked about twenty, thirty, forty years ago are part of our reality today.”

He went on to say that a writer could take concepts possible today to develop into s-f stories, and showed how by making up a Star Trek episode.  Inspired by a magazine article, he invented a society in which all was peace because everyone took nonagression pills.  Then the Klingons, typically, disrupted this peace.  Nimoy’s example was very funny and showed that he has a good idea of how things are going in Star Trek fandom today.

Other highlights of LN’s appearance were the news that he is writing a book on the Spock experience and an informative Q&A session, discussing ESP, acting, Star Trek, and Nimoy’s books of poetry and photography.  He ended by reading aloud some of his poetry.

Before the speech, a few members of S.T.A.R.*Salt Lake visited with Nimoy at the Hotel Utah.  See Subspace Chatter (available from WIL-DUR) for photos and a transcript of that interview.

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