Star Wars Filksongs (1977)

In the mid 1970s, Utah fans became aware of filk, the music of science fiction and fantasy fandom.  We sold Leslie Fish’s record album, Folk Songs For Folk Who Ain’t Even Been Yet, at Intercon in August of 1976.  That sparked parties where newly-minted filkers gathered to listen to the record and sing along.  At Ivan Cook’s Star Trek Convention in May of 1977, we discovered filkers who sat in the hotel lobby all night and sang crazy songs about science fiction and fantasy.

When the first Star Wars movie came out in May of 1977, many of the fans in Utah became obsessed with Star Wars.  Somehow the idea of putting together a Star Wars filk book to sell at Saltcon came about; this is that filk book.

The masters for this are still available . . . somewhere.  When they are found, a much cleaner scan can be made than this one.  The paper for this book was thin (which is why whatever is printed on the back of each page can often be seen in the scan), and has yellowed considerably over the nearly 40 years since it was printed.

There is no page 6.  It is blank, the back of the table of contents.

Over the years, people have asked, “What is the tune to “Monstro the Whale”? I’ve never even heard of that song!”  Here’s a link to a Youtube rendering (rather more jazzed up than Julia remembers learning it).  Monstro the Whale from the animated Disney film Pinocchio.

PDF of the songbook: Star Wars Filksongs

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