The Communicator, Volume 2, Number 4, November 1974

Diane (Howarth) Anderson had the masters for The Communicator, Vol 2 No 4.  So as well as scanning the printed issue, we scanned the masters.  They are more than forty years old, and the glue used to attach the pictures to the pages has yellowed.  So the gray backgrounds on some of the illustrations are just that:  yellowed glue.  Also, you can see lines around the illos where they were cut and pasted.  What you can’t see in the scan, but can in the original masters, is where typos were fixed with Liquid Paper.  Because the glue was dying, we almost lost the punch line for the joke on the last page, but luckily I found it stashed away in the middle of the issue and tacked it back on.

The scans of the magazine as printed (and the pdf copy) are below the scans from the masters.

PDF of the issue: The Communicator, Vol 2 No 4, Nov 1974 (from original masters)

PDF of this issue: The Communicator, Vol 2 No 4, Nov 1974

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