The Communicator, Volume 3, Number 2, March 1975

Diane (Howarth) Anderson donated this copy of the S.T.A.R.**Utah Star Trek newsletter The Communicator to the site.  You can either read it here or download the pdf copy below.

This issue suffered some severe printer’s problems.  Most of the pages were printed so very light that I had to enhance them a great deal after scanning to make them anywhere close to readable.  It didn’t help that the “new” typewriter used for many of the articles had Elite type (a smaller typeface) rather than the Pica print from the faithful old portable typewriter used for many of the earlier issues.  The worst problem of all was that pages 11 and 14 didn’t even get printed in the copy I scanned!  So they are missing both on this page and in the pdf copy.  If anyone has access to a copy of this issue that has pages 11 and 14, I would love to get them scanned and added here.

PDF of the issue: The Communicator, Vol 3 No 2, Mar 1975

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