The Communicator, Volume 3, Number 4, September 1975

Diane (Howarth) Anderson donated this copy of the STAR TREK Intermountain newsletter The Communicator to the site.  You can either read it here or download the pdf copy below.

As of this issue, Julia Howarth is the sole editor, and the “ownership” of The Communicator has changed once again—this time because S.T.A.R.**Utah changed its name to STAR TREK Intermountain.  The frequency of publication also changed–from monthly to bi-monthly, with a short news-sheet, The Transponder, to remind people of events in the months when The Communicator wasn’t printed.

The magazine looks quite nice, with colored paper for the cover.  It’s also very long—36 pages (including covers)!  Plenty of room for all kinds of interesting content.


PDF of the issue: The Communicator, Vol 3 No 4, Sep 1975

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