The Transponder, 18 October 1975

This issue of The Transponder was donated by Diane (Howarth) Anderson.  It is probably Volume 1 Number 2 (since the December issue is Volume 1 Number 3), but it doesn’t say so anywhere in the issue.

The Transponder was supposed to be a very short “filler” newszine for those alternate months when The Communicator was not being published—just to give information on upcoming events.  However, due mostly to including information about upcoming STI elections, the October 1975 issue of The Transponder was eight pages (both sides of four pieces of paper) of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.  To save money, it was printed with a mimeograph machine (also called “ditto” or “dirty purple”), and for some unknown reason was printed on gray paper.  The combination of purple mimeo on gray paper made for some rather hard-to-read pages.  The scans of these pages have been darkened up to make them (somewhat) easier to read.  Although only the color scans (the gray paper scanned as parchment colored) will be posted on this page, there are two pdfs—one color, the other grayscale.  One may be easier to read than the other.

Color PDF of the issue:  The Transponder, Oct 1975, color

Grayscale PDF of the issue: The Transponder, Oct 1975, grayscale

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