The Transponder, Volume 1 Number 3, December 1975

This issue of The Transponder was donated by Diane (Howarth) Anderson.

The December 1975 issue of The Transponder was much more of the short fill-in newszine it was originally envisioned as.  Thankfully for readers, it wasn’t mimeographed (probably because it was printed the same place Clavius was printed).  A four-page issue, printed on a single 11″ x 17″ piece of paper (both sides) and folded in half, it was much more manageable than the October issue.

This issue was printed by Clavius Publications and included inside issues of Clavius that were given away to libraries and other interested parties.

PDF of the issue: The Transponder, Vol 1 No 3, Dec 1975

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