Warp 12, Volume 1 Number 2, 1974

Diane (Howarth) Anderson donated this copy of S.T.A.R.*Ogden’s newszine Warp 12 to the site.

This issue is mimeographed on very thin paper.  It’s three sheets, stapled at the top left corner.  Since the paper is so thin, it’s a good thing the pages weren’t printed back to back—there would be so much bleedthrough that it would be nearly impossible to read.

There is no date on this issue.  It was obviously printed in 1974 sometime in or after February–there’s a birth announcement for Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett’s son being born 5 February, as well as an article copied from the Odgen Standard Examiner for 14 Feb 1974.  (The newspaper wasn’t actually credited, but it was easy enough to find the article with an internet search.)

PDF of the issue: Warp 12, Vol 1 No 2, 1974


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