Outre-Vention (1983)

“And now for something completely different. . . .”  A convention that hoped to avoid some of the problems that others before it had experienced, and a play on the name “Intervention,” Outre-Vention was held 18-20 November 1983 at the Quality Inn, Salt Lake City, Utah.

From The WSFA Journal November [1983], Vol. 7 Number 5, convention listing:

Nov. 18-20:  OUTRE-VENTION in Salt Lake City, UT. GOH: Poul Anderson, AGOHs: Lynnanne & Michael Goodwin. Membership: $15. Write to Outre-Vention, 2246 Windsor, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

An ad for Outre-Vention from The Leading Edge #5, published sometime between March and October 1983 [probably before July, because of convention rate going up after July–ed.], courtesy of Joe Monson:

Outre-Vention ad from The Leading Edge 5, sometime between Mar and Oct 1983 (Joe Monson)

Flyer for Outre-Vention (courtesy of Julia (Howarth) West).  These were distributed at libraries, gaming stores, and other places the convention committee thought would attract science fiction and fantasy fans.


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